About Singapore Formula

What is the Singapore Formula?

Cryptocurrencies have been billed as the future of money. But their major limitation has been the choppy fluctuations of their value. Regardless of their eventual fate, the current volatility presents immense opportunities for investors to earn massive profits. This is exactly why the Singapore Formula was developed. The software scans for lucrative trading opportunities in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies round the clock.

Singapore Formula applies high-quality trading strategies and leverages top technologies and artificial intelligence techniques to trade the crypto market with near-perfect accuracy levels of more than 99.4%. This more or less guarantees big profits daily for investors.

In addition to strategy, the Singapore Formula also comes with high customization capabilities to ensure that investors are not eliminated completely out of the trading decision loop. There is the option to toggle between manual and automatic trading modes. There are also multiple customization options that allow investors to set their preferred tradable crypto coins and tokens, the stake amount, trading times, as well as risk management options such as stop losses and take profit levels.

All Singapore Formula members have access to a free and unlimited demo account that lets them try out the software in a virtual market environment that simulates the real market. There is also the Strategy Tester feature that allows investors to optimize strategies for even more profits. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive investor support from registration to profits withdrawal. All new investors receive an initial personal 1-hour coaching session to help them understand more about the use and navigation of the software. After that, our professional and responsive customer support team will always be available 24/7 to handle all investor issues.

Singapore Formula is a legitimate crypto trading software whose success has been acknowledged by the US Trading Association, which awarded us the top trading software in the cryptocurrency category.

Our Team

The Singapore Formula story started when top economists, mathematicians and computer scientists came together as a team to develop an automated trading strategy for the nascent cryptocurrency industry. The founding team had a combined professional experience of more than 100 years and the initial idea was to develop a trading software designed to help both new and advanced investors to make consistent profits out of the price action of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Essentially, the idea was to democratize the crypto opportunity. This is why using the software is free for all for a limited period. Thousands of investors are already enjoying consistent profits using the software and contributing to the core mission of the Singapore Formula founders.