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accurate signals

The Singapore Formula software is integrated with artificial intelligence systems that allow the software to process, analyze and decipher big financial data in real-time to make accurate trading decisions in the market, quickly and efficiently. The software interprets data from 18 technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis tools to make accurate trading decisions at all times.

automated trading

Singapore Formula is a fully automated trading software that requires no intervention from the trader. Singapore Formula will handle everything from market analysis and signal generation to order execution and risk management. No need to stay glued to your chart screens; just let Singapore Formula work for you as you count your profits. Even new traders can now trade and profit.

safety and security

Singapore Formula ensures that your privacy and security is never compromised at any given time. We guarantee our clients’ safety and security by utilizing top technologies, such as advanced encryption techniques, so that client funds and confidential information is never at risk on our entire ecosystem. We also follow the AML and KYC processes as laid out by the global financial regulators.

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Singapore Formula community members make massive profits out of the cryptocurrency market daily. The average earnings stand at over $1,000 daily for members who started out with the minimum deposit requirement of just $250. Singapore Formula provides its members with the best way to earn passive income in this age, with just less than 20 minutes required to set up the software daily. Join this winning community and start your journey to the ultimate dream of time and financial freedom!

real testimonials from our singapore formula users

Claire H.

Chicago, Illinois

“Singapore Formula was a great revelation for me. My drop-shipping business was greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. When searching for opportunities to make money online, I bumped into the Singapore Formula- my life changed forever! I have only been a community member for 4 weeks, but I have earned more than 18 months of income from my drop-shipping career. I had no previous trading knowledge or experience, but I now earn massive daily profits trading cryptocurrencies online. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Jessica F.

Boise, Idaho

“I travel a lot as a model, and I am no stranger to luxuries I cannot afford. This, of course, changed when my agent introduced me to the Singapore Formula during a shoot in New York. I can now afford every little indulgence that I desire and will forever be thankful to my agent for letting me in on the Singapore Formula opportunity. The best part is that I have never traded online before and I really do not understand the cryptocurrency market – but I am making money daily and really living the dream – a big thank you!”

Mike S.

Honolulu, Hawaii

“I have traded stocks for over 12 years now, but I have always been fascinated by the opportunities of trading cryptocurrencies. Singapore Formula gave me the rare chance to start on a profitable note trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I consider myself a pro financial assets trader, but I would never have realized the profits Singapore Formula has exposed me to. This software really is the real deal – even if you are an advanced trader with years of experience.”

advanced algorithms

Singapore Formula is coded with advanced algorithms, integrated with artificial intelligence. This allows the software to trade the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets with a near-perfect accuracy level of more than 99%. This results in real profits!

reputable companies

Singapore Formula has partnered with reputable brokerage firms whose platforms allow the software to operate at its optimal best. All the partner firms offer world-class trading services as well as excellent customer service 24/7.

award-winning software

Singapore Formula has earned multiple prestigious awards, among them the top award by the US Trading Association which acknowledged the software as a trusted income-generating tool for investors, both new and advanced.


sign up

Click on the signup section on the homepage of the Singapore Formula website. Fill out the registration form with your details and wait for approval via email. Once this is done, your account will be activated. There is no cost to open a Singapore Formula account and there are no hidden fees.


fund your account

If you are approved to join the Singapore Formula community, you will be required to fund your trading account with a partner brokerage firm. The minimum deposit amount is only $250. All partner firms support safe and convenient payment methods for easy deposits and withdrawals.


earn profits

Simply activate the Singapore Formula software and watch it place accurate trades in your trading account. Simply set aside a few minutes to customize your trading parameters (how you wish the software to trade) and watch how the Singapore Formula executes profitable trades in your account.

Singapore Formula Trading Software

Singapore Formula is designed to allow traders of all levels to earn regular profits out of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software scans for lucrative opportunities based on black-box techniques and strategies and generates high-quality signals that it executes in the market in real-time.

Singapore Formula also has a web-based interface that allows investors convenient access, using both desktop and mobile browsers. The software has an incredibly user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and customization, even for new traders. Singapore Formula was designed for complete automation, but there is also manual trading functionality that offers experienced traders a greater deal of control over their trading activities.

With Singapore Formula members making at least $1,000 daily in crypto trading profits, the software is a trusted app for churning out passive income out of the crypto markets.

Is Singapore Formula Legit?

Singapore Formula is legit trading software. We have multiple positive testimonials from real and verifiable members as well as live profits booked by Singapore Formula in real-time. Singapore Formula is also a reputable brand, having been given the top award by the US Trading Association as a legit, high profit generating trading software in the cryptocurrency scene.

Thousands of investors across the world earn huge daily profits thanks to the Singapore Formula, with most of them having little or no trading knowledge or experience in cryptocurrencies. Now is your opportunity to extract the maximum profitability from trading Bitcoin and other digital assets.

what is singapore formula?

Singapore Formula is a leading automated trading software designed to capture trading opportunities in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software scans the crypto market for high probability and high-quality opportunities that it singles out based on coded algorithms. The signals are executed in the market in real-time for maximum profits. Every aspect of trading is automated, and no human intervention is required at all.

No matter your level of trading knowledge, skill or experience, Singapore Formula provides an excellent way to earn from the red hot cryptocurrency market. The software’s interface is user-friendly, which makes navigation easy. There are also high customization capabilities to enable investors to take charge of their trading activity.

Join the Singapore Formula family and start earning big profits daily!

why trade with singapore formula?

Here are some of the reasons you should cryptocurrencies with the Singapore Formula software:


Free Software

It costs nothing to join the Singapore Formula community and start earning massive profits daily. There are absolutely no hidden costs associated with using the best crypto trading software available.


Multiple Tradable Assets

Singapore Formula enables traders to trade Bitcoin as well as other crypto coins and tokens such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Dash and Ripple, among others.


No Download Required

Singapore Formula software has a web-based interface accessible via browsers. Both desktop and mobile browsers are supported. No download is required; neither are installations or updates- only an internet-connected device is needed.


High Success Rate

Singapore Formula trades the crypto market with accuracy levels as high as 99.4%. This gives traders the chance to make big profits on a daily basis.


Fast Signup

The signup process at the Singapore Formula is quick and easy. You will require less than 5 minutes to join the most reputable and profitable crypto trading community. The account verification process is also fast and hassle-free, which ensures that you will get started to making profits as quickly as possible.


Consistent Profits

Singapore Formula scans for trading opportunities round the clock. The cryptocurrency market does not sleep, neither does the Singapore Formula. This ensures that you can make money all day long, every day.


Low Investment

Start your journey to crypto millions by making an investment of as low as $250, which is the minimum deposit requirement in most Singapore Formula brokerage partner firms.


Efficient Banking Methods

Singapore Formula community members have a wide range of safe, secure and convenient payment methods. They can deposit and withdraw funds from their trading accounts in a variety of methods that include Major Credit/Debit cards, Bank Wire and Popular eWallets.


Demo Account

All Singapore Formula partner brokerage firms offer free and unlimited demo accounts. This helps investors to test out the software or even try out different parameters before letting the Singapore Formula run on a live account funded with real money.


Excellent Customer Service

Singapore Formula members receive comprehensive support to ensure they only worry about their profits, and nothing else. The customer support team is friendly, professional, responsive and available round the clock to attend to all investor concerns and inquiries.

Singapore Formula Unique Features

Different automated trading software have different features. Here are the features unique to the Singapore Formula:

Demo Account

Singapore Formula support demo trading so that investors can verify the performance of the software before using it on a live trading account.

High Customization

In addition to easy toggling between manual and automated trading, investors can also choose tradable assets, stake amount, trading times, stop loss levels and take profit price points.

Strategy Tester

The Strategy Tester feature allows investors to test various crypto trading strategies. Both back-testing and forward-testing are possible so investors can optimize their strategies for successful live trading.

Automated Trading

Singapore Formula is 100% automated. The software scans for lucrative trade opportunities round the clock and executes them in the market simultaneously without any need for human intervention. Simply activate the Singapore Formula and let it make money for you.

frequently asked questions


How much money can I make with the Singapore Formula?

Singapore Formula members earn an average of $1000 daily when trading cryptocurrencies using the software. While that is the average profit amount recorded, results may vary from member to member depending on the initial capital amount as well as the trade parameters set.


How many hours will I spend working with Singapore Formula per day?

Singapore Formula was designed to be a fully automated crypto trading software. You will require less than 20 minutes every day to set up your preferred trade parameters, after which the software will perform all trading activities without any input from your end.


Is the Singapore Formula legit?

Yes, it is. Singapore Formula was developed by reputable, experienced and respected players in the FinTech arena. Additionally, the Singapore Formula has partnered with top global brokerage firms that offer world-class trading services. All the live profits and testimonials on our site are also real and verified.


How much does the Singapore Formula software cost?

Zero. Singapore Formula is free of charge. Simply fill out the registration form, submit it, and wait for the approval. If approved, you will use the Singapore Formula for free without any restrictions. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or upsells.


Is Singapore Formula like MLM or affiliate marketing?

NO. Singapore Formula is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that trades the cryptocurrency markets for profits.